1987 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Scratch One From The Bucket List Mar. 30, 2019 – After decades of living the frugal life, skipping unnecessary travel, passing on unnecessary things, eating at home, skipping the movies, playing cheap guitars, driving cheap cars, and generally living a restrained existence while watching my … Continue reading
Reynaldo De Luna, Blaine Fergerstrom, boot camp graduates, 1972.

Happy Veterans Day

This photo was taken on boot camp graduation day, fall of 1972, Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA. Reynaldo De Luna on the left and Blaine Fergerstrom on the right. Rey was a super-good dude from Texas. I never heard from him again. :(  (Hey Rey, if you're out there, I think of you from … Continue reading

How To Succeed At Social Media

Those who know me well know that I have been intimately involved in the Internet in Hawai'i since the earliest days of public availability in the early '90s. I built some of the earliest websites in Hawai'i and racked up so many Hawai'i "firsts" that my resumé is RIDICULOUS with incredible feats … Continue reading