Webmastah, Hana Hou!

Here it is, Sunday night/Monday morning at 3 a.m. and I’m still up, at home, writing in this blog for the first time in a few weeks.

Today it’s official. My “training period” is over, the training wheels come off. When I report to work tonight at 9 p.m., I am officially “webmaster@starbulletin.com.”

Webmastah coffee cup artwork

Former Webmaster Ken Andrade, who took over when I left the paper back in 2001, will move over today to become Editor of the Businesss Section of the paper. When I report for tonight’s graveyard shift, it will be me, myself and I. (I’ll bet Ken doesn’t miss the graveyard at all! )

Sunday is my “night off,” but I’ve found that I cannot sleep overnight. I’ll go down to bed at 10 or 11 or even 1:00 a.m. and try to sleep like a normal person, but will just roll over and over, unable to sleep. So tonight, I said hell with it and just stayed up.

I’ve been working on my school. I’m enrolled at Western Governors University http://www.wgu.edu trying to get my bachelor’s degree at “this advanced age.” I’ve been enrolled since May 2004 and finished 90 percent of the degree program by last November. But after that, one thing or another pulled my attention away from the program. I tried several times to finish it off, but just ran out of gas or focus.

I’ve had basically 12 credits to finish for the past year. Two tasks. Two papers and a presentation and that’s it, I graduate. Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems (BS/CIS).

It’s not that I can’t write. I can write. In fact, sometimes I write TOO MUCH! You can’t shut me up! I’ve written magazine articles, newspaper articles, technical articles, technical manuals, advertising, scripts, commercials, you name it! I could probably write a book without too much trouble.

But when it comes to writing scholarly papers in the requisite APA style, I fall apart. I can’t stomach it! I’ve tried four times to write the one paper that I was working on this evening.

But you know what? I think I’m PAU! I think I did it. I sent the paper off to my advisor asking what he thinks. I hope it’s good enough. It’s twice as long as the minimum requirement. I think they wanted three pages, single spaced. I’m at six pages, but had a hard time stopping (as usual).

After I clear this task, I write ONE MORE PAPER, then give an oral presentation on that paper, send it in, pay my tuition and I’m really, really pau, done.

Wish me luck. Maybe I can graduate by Christmas. That would be a relief beyond belief.

So tonight I report as Webmaster. It’s been astonishingly easy to fall back into the job I left four years ago. It’s amazing how much of it has remained the same. The mission is still to deliver Hawaii news to a worldwide audience.

When I did my first “solo” edition last Monday night (Tuesday a.m. edition), I sent out the News Headlines email to the mailing list by Starbulletin.com email account, the one with my name on it. I was surprised by the number of replies I got to that email from folks who recognized my name on the email. I received a large number of “welcome back, it’s great to see you back,” messages in my email that day. I didn’t think that many people remembered me as webmaster@starbulletin.com

I hope I serve you well as The Webmaster.