Air Conditioner Kalo Lo‘i Redux

In April 2011, my son started using the air conditioner in his bedroom, again. He had been sleeping in the living room for a while, but returned to his bedroom when his air mattress burst!

The water in the bucket under his window A/C unit quickly filled up and every couple of days, we would have to empty it into the plants. It was only a couple of weeks before I realized I had to make another Window Air Conditioner Kalo Lo‘i!

So on April 27, 2011, I filled the bottom of a planter pot with gravel, then topped it with about 10″ of dirt from the corner of our yard. I put a couple of bricks in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket, then placed the planter  pot on top of the bricks. Then I filled the bucket most of the way with clean water, covering the soil and letting the water soak through the planter pot thoroughly.

Then I went to my other lo‘i and pulled three small dry-land plants from the pots that line the outside of the original A/C kalo lo‘i. I trimmed the leaves off the short stalks, cleaned off all the spreading roots, then trimmed the corms off, save for 3/8″ below the stalks.

I planted these three hāloa in the new pot, caught some of the midaka (mosquito fish) from the old lo‘i, dropped them into their new home (for mosquito control and fertilizer), and topped off the water.

THE NEXT DAY, nā ‘ekolu hāloa had all sprouted leaves! This photo is from April 28, 2011. The new kalo are doing very well, and will be ready for pa‘i‘ai around my next birthday! Yay!