Maui Mechanical Menehune at Lego Robotics

That’s my nephew, Zack Fasi, of the Maui Mechanical Menehune on the big screen at Blaisdell during competition, yesterday.

That’s my nephew, Zack, chief engineer on the Maui Mechanical Menehune Lego Robotics Championship Team, and my sister, Leann, head cheerleader, yesterday at the Blaisdell Center Arena for the State Lego Robotics Championships!

Way to go, Menehune! The kids got second place behind the ‘Iolani team.

I should also mention that my pal, Kimberly Svetin’s kid is on the Moloka’i team, looking sharp in their gray shirts and black top hats!

Here are a bunch of photos I took of the event: