Kokua Cousin Jody and the Kids of Konawaena Elem.

Jody Fergerstrom
Jody Fergerstrom
Jody Fergerstrom

Jody FergerstromShout out to airline connected friends. At Konawaena Elementary School (Facebook) where I work we are looking to ask for donations of inexpensive headsets/earbuds for kids to be able to keep to use with iPads/Chromebooks/computers in school. Itʻs on their school supply lists and many kids have them but some families just canʻt afford them. I donʻt know where to start to ask. If any of you can tell me WHO and WHERE I can write to ask for donations Iʻd really appreciate it. Thanks.

Kokua e, kakou! Help out cousin Jody Fergerstrom at Konawaena Elementary!

Buy one of these at $2.89:

Buy 5 of these at $3.99:

Buy 5 of these at $2.99:

FREE SHIPPING. Total cost, $37.79 for 11 pairs of headphones.

Message Jody Fergerstrom for a mailing address. Amazon will ship directly to her!

Mahalo for your support!