Happy Veterans Day

Reynaldo De Luna, Blaine Fergerstrom, boot camp graduates, 1972.

This photo was taken on boot camp graduation day, fall of 1972, Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA. Reynaldo De Luna on the left and Blaine Fergerstrom on the right. Rey was a super-good dude from Texas. I never heard from him again. 🙁 (Hey Rey, if you’re out there, I think of you from time to time, sitting on the “patio” outside the barracks shining our shoes and shooting the breeze. Hope life has treated you well. Aloha!) Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone. — at Naval Training Center San Diego.


Nov. 16, 2017 — Mahalo to my friend Bronson Kekupa’a Silva, who found Rey online and pointed me to him. Attempting to make contact, now!

Nov. 28, 2017 — Holy cow! Rey accepted my LinkedIn connection request and we are now emailing and getting back in touch! He lives in Spain, now, though at the moment he is back in Texas visiting his sister. Aloha Rey! 🙂

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