About Blaine Fergerstrom

Blaine Fergerstrom mug shot 2015I am a graphic designer and print production specialist dating to 1976. I am a photographer and videographer, as well as a video editor. I am a writer and word editor. I have extensive experience in the setup and operation of photo-typesetting systems, Macintosh pre-press production and Macintosh Internet applications and servers.

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I have been a web designer and producer since 1994, including over 7 years of daily online newspaper design and production and four years of education digital media, web and Macintosh computer support.

I currently specialize in running websites based on the WordPress content management system software. I concurrently host and manage nearly 100 websites for organizations and individuals, the majority of them running WordPress.

I have been an early adopter in the social media arena. My Twitter account dates to 2006 and my Facebook account to 2008. I am registered and familiar with most other mainstream social media applications and sites. I regularly stream live video to the internet.

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