Boot Camp Graduation 1972

November 11th, 2015
Reynaldo Garcia, Blaine Fergerstrom, boot camp graduates, 1972.

Reynaldo Garcia, Blaine Fergerstrom, boot camp graduates, 1972.

This photo was taken on boot camp graduation day, 1972, Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA. Reynaldo Garcia on the left and Blaine Fergerstrom on the right. Rey was a super-good dude from L.A. I never heard from him again. frown emoticon (Hey Rey, if you’re out there, I think of you from time to time, sitting on the “patio” outside the barracks shining our shoes and shooting the breeze. Hope life has treated you well. Aloha!) Happy Veteran’s Day, everyone. — at Naval Training Center San Diego.

Posted Veteran’s Day 2015

Kokua Cousin Jody and the Kids of Konawaena Elem.

August 13th, 2015
Jody Fergerstrom

Jody Fergerstrom

Jody FergerstromShout out to airline connected friends. At Konawaena Elementary School (Facebook) where I work we are looking to ask for donations of inexpensive headsets/earbuds for kids to be able to keep to use with iPads/Chromebooks/computers in school. Itʻs on their school supply lists and many kids have them but some families just canʻt afford them. I donʻt know where to start to ask. If any of you can tell me WHO and WHERE I can write to ask for donations Iʻd really appreciate it. Thanks. 

Kokua e, kakou! Help out cousin Jody Fergerstrom at Konawaena Elementary!

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Message Jody Fergerstrom for a mailing address. Amazon will ship directly to her!

Mahalo for your support!


Movin’ On

May 20th, 2015

This past Friday, I posted a cryptic message on Facebook saying “Momentous day. It’s a good thing. More, soon.”

Of course, this created a small firestorm of demands for more information. My apologies. I had news that I wanted to shout to the hills, but all the affected parties had not been properly informed, yet.

Then, yesterday, I posted this picture of my cubicle area, with the explanation, “Decided to clean up the cubicle, today. Bye, Nella! — with Nella Kauwenaole.”

Bye Nella!

“Bye, Nella!”

Which garnered some unexpected responses!

  • Nella Kauwenaole · 6 mutual friends
    OMG! Can’t believe you still have that up! Too funny. You probably have some wierdo pics of me in the DHHL photo archives. Delete all of them…lol. I know your news too! You go get um! Big hug to you , Ohana and my DHHL ICRO peeps!

Oh boy, looks like my stealth plan fell apart. So here’s my cubicle, today:

Nella gone!

Nella gone!

And at work today, with all my coworkers returning from Hawaiian Homes Commission meetings in Kona, the word spread around the office like wildfire: Blaine is leaving DHHL! Coworkers have been stopping by all day to slap my head for daring to leave them, and to congratulate me on my good fortune.

My last day at the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands is Friday, May 29, 2015, and on Monday, June 1, 2015, I start work for the Office of Information Management & Technology ( as a Technical Analyst with the Center of Excellence for Project Management (formerly Project Management Center of Excellence PMCE, nee the Enterprise Project Management Office EPMO/SURF). I’ll be using my ad agency production manager background and skills in project management to help the state develop a project management methodology for use by all state agencies.

Whelp, that’s about it, folks. I’ll be over at OIMT, Alakea St. downtown in a couple of weeks. But no matter, you guys all know where to find me, right? :)



UH West O‘ahu Choir

March 14th, 2015


Here is our performance from tonight. Mahalo Karol and mahalo to my fellow choristas for making this so enjoyable. (Unfortunately, the little recorder was a bit too close to the piano! Enjoy. — Blaine

The entire concert is posted on my Flickr page. You can download the full MP4 audio file from there (see the download button, lower right) and add it to your iTunes or music service.


USS Pigeon Watch Roster 1975

August 1st, 2014

I was going through my old papers and drawings and found this watch roster from around 1975 or 1976, hand-drawn by me. The amazing thing is it lists almost everyone’s name!

I posted it here so you could click on it and download the big sized file so you could read all the names. I posted it on Facebook so you could tag each other and so you would know it was here!



USS Pigeon Watch Roster 1975