Comet Collision

Last night we decided not to go to the Bishop Museum for the “comet party.” It was shaping up to be a big show with no stars. This morning’s Star-Bulletin confirms it. One onlooker was quoted, “There’s thousands of people looking at the sky at nothing!” Glad we didn’t go. But the NASA mission did […]

Astronomy Domine

Last night I went out to the Dillingham Airfield after dark at the invitation of a friend in the Hawaiian Astronomical Society. When I arrived at the cluster of cars tucked in a corner of the airfield, a short downpour caused the gaggle of amateur astronomers to fling blue tarps over their equipment and dive […]

My frist psot!

I”ve long read and have cracked up at the severe mangling afforded the English language by posters in their haste to grab the top comment spot on a new story. Hence the title of this “Frist Psot.” Welcome to my blog. At this point, it is just an exercise in installing and configuring the […]