Comet Collision

Last night we decided not to go to the Bishop Museum for the “comet party.” It was shaping up to be a big show with no stars. This morning’s Star-Bulletin confirms it. One onlooker was quoted, “There’s thousands of people looking at the sky at nothing!” Glad we didn’t go.

But the NASA mission did go off very successfully and there are some really cool movies at the Deep Impact site.

Instead, we decided to go to dinner.

The Chart House by the Ala Wai Yacht Harbor was nice. The food was good and the service great. Our waiter was “one local haole” bruddah. He was great! You know how some guys move here from the mainland (like that bounty hunter dude) and start using “brah” and “dakine” interspersed with mainland English? Not this guy. He was the Real Deal. I felt like asking if he was from Nanakuli or Waimanalo! “Eh, brah, where you wen’ school?” 🙂

I had stuffed ahi. The wife and kid shared a plate of humongous crab legs. Still got leftovers for lunch today!

EARLIER yesterday we decided to head toward the country, stopping at Dole Plantation to play in the maze and have some pinepple ice cream whip before heading to Hale’iwa beach for a while.

At Haleiwa, we parked next to the war memorial just past the bridge. I looked at the names of Kahuku-Waialua war dead from WWII, the Korean War and from the Vietnam War. Nearly all the names were Japanese, Hawaiian or Filipino.

The sun was hot, the air was clear and the water blue–a beautiful day at Halei’wa. While my boy swam, I walked down the beach to reminice about past Boy Scout camping trips where we slept on this very beach for a week at a time during summer.

Just offshore from the old pavilion, three large green sea turtles foraged among the rocks. One of them had a shell two to three feet long! A crowd of delighted spectators stood at water’s edge oohing every time one of the turtles popped its head up for air. The turtles were swimming a mere four feet from my son as he swam with goggles trying to get a glimpse of the honu underwater!

This evening (July 4) we’re going to a friend’s house to swim, eat and watch fireworks!

Happy Independence Day, 2005.

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