Now we get to the hard part of blogging. I started this project just to wrap my brain around the blogger mystique. I wanted to try and figure out what it was that kept bloggers blogging. I wanted to know just how they kept coming up with more and more stuff to write when in the usual scheme of things, absolutely NOTHING was going on.

Now everybody is looking at me going, “OK, smart guy, now what are you going to write?”

Heck, I don’t know. I guess I’ll just write about what’s going on. Actually, I’ll resort to my favorite subject: Alex!

For those who don’t know, this is my son, Alex:

<img src=”” alt=”Alex”> [Sorry, cannot locate this image 2016.]

He turns 11 this month. This photo was taken a couple of years ago at the 4th of July Rodeo at Waimanalo. We had a blast and kept checking back so we could go again last year and this year. But Patrick Ching, the Artist/Cowboy of Waimanalo, decided not to continue the tradition. They haven’t done one since. Too bad.

But fast-foward to present and what’s happening with Alex? About 2 months ago, he got BRACES! Oh man, Antenna Head! Poor kid. But he takes it in stride, picking a different color for the wire supports each time he has to go in for “service.”

The first time, he chose “metallic gold.” On his first scheduled maintenance, he chose a medium blue color to lighten up his smile. Today we have the third service appointment. Last night he was mulling either lime green or BLACK! That kid cracks me up. He said that the black would make it look like he had rotten teeth. :icon_eek:

Just what a daddy wants to hear while paying the orthodontist. :icon_surprised:

Tell ya later what he picked, maybe with a picture.

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