Playing Hooky

I’m supposed to be doing school work for my bachelor’s degree, writing a research paper. Yeuchh.

Instead, here I sit, tapping away at this goofy blog. Do you think it will ever gain traction, gain direction, gain readers? Heck, I don’t even have a central theme yet!

And here I sit on a Sunday evening battling writer’s block by—what else—writing! But some wouldn’t call it writing. The mindless missives posted on blogs have been referred to as “blogorrhea”!

Looks like I’m headed down that slippery slope. Yeuchh!

So back to school we go. I enrolled at Western Governor’s University in May last year. I wanted to be done in six months! I was so full of fire and drive when I sent in my first check. Here I am a year later, stuck right at the diploma ceremony.

Technically, I have 12 credits to complete. It sounds formidable, but it’s really only two writing assignments! One involves writing an 8-page research paper, doing a presentation on that paper before a live audience, videotaping it and sending it in. Nine credits, right there!

The other “class” involves writing another research paper and sending it in. It’s on a really strange, open-ended topic that I’m supposed to present a “solution” for. Three credits there.

And that’s it. Complete those two tasks and pay off my outstanding school bills and I have a college degree!

Guess I should go get to work. Good night.