I Can’t Drive 55

Sammy Hagar said it so well all those years ago: “I Can’t Drive 55.”

And I’m swearing up and down, all day long, that I have that song in my collection. I know I’ve heard it a thousand times, probably live with Van Halen, but for the life of me, I cannot locate it among the 7,000+ songs in my collection.

So it was fitting that tonight, right around 11 p.m., I purchased the song from Sammy’s VOA album off of iTunes for $0.99. (Picked up a free Carrier video, too.)

A fitting way to mark my midlife crisis. What do you know? I’m halfway to 110!

I’m looping the song right now, along with Sammy’s “Marching To Mars,” another Sammy favorite.

Mahalo to all who wished me so well today. I’ll try to savor and stretch the good vibe over the next few days in order to enjoy it more fully.

2008, the year I finally made “speed limit.”