My first posts on Twitter

My sister @kalei posted this link which lists your first 16 Twitter Tweets. I had to look! (Note, the times are +3 HST. At the time, I was working graveyard shift at the Star-Bulletin.)

It only took a couple of posts before I realized that Twitter would rule the world! 🙂

Here are zztype’s first 16 tweets!

Ugh. 2 p.m. Just woke up. Made pot of coffee. Put out fires highlighted in emails. Hook up to Twitter friends. Type this msg. Gah! 5:13 PM Nov 21st 2006

Night all… 7:31 AM Nov 21st 2006

Guess I better go bed soon…4:30 now… 7:31 AM Nov 21st 2006

Check 7:30 AM Nov 21st 2006

Read Lika’s Log 7:17 AM Nov 21st 2006

Gak! No sooner clear the stuck mails, more come in! 7:13 AM Nov 21st 2006

Stupid spammers. 7:10 AM Nov 21st 2006

Clear mail server from stuck bounced emails. 7:10 AM Nov 21st 2006

Whew. Pau eat. Leftovers from Bob’s Big Boy in Mapunapuna… meat loaf w/gravy. Mahi sand. Yum! 7:05 AM Nov 21st 2006

Posting updates on 6:25 AM Nov 21st 2006

OK, I better go eat some “lunch” now. (It’s 3:10 a.m.) 6:09 AM Nov 21st 2006

Now trying to figure out how to add “Friends” to this thing… 6:06 AM Nov 21st 2006

YIKES! This is MONSTER! 6:01 AM Nov 21st 2006

So this is sent via my Gmail Jabber account. Did it work? 6:00 AM Nov 21st 2006

So I signed up for a Twitter account. Interesting thing, it’s a great way to send updates to the web from a live conference or event. 5:49 AM Nov 21st 2006

I read Ryan Ozawa’s bit on Twitter, thought, “Oh, stupid,” and went to leave. Then I noticed the thing about blogging by I.M. Wow. 5:48 AM Nov 21st 2006


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