Leave our ‘Iolani Palace alone

\'Iolani Palace on 14 Pepeluali 2008

This madness has gone on long enough. This has to stop, right now.

All you wannabe ali’i, listen up: We did not elect you king. In case you hadn’t noticed, the last several Ali’i Nui were ELECTED by the people.

You may have some distant genealogical link to the Kamehameha ‘ohana, but that does not make you king. The Kamehameha Dynasty died, leaving NO direct biological heir to the throne. That is why the Kalākaua Dynasty was born.

A few months back, a woman proclaiming herself “Queen Mahealani” occupied the palace grounds. Their “occupation” lasted several weeks. By the end, it had degenerated into a clown show with “security” walking in pseudo-threatening manner toward anyone who dared walk into “her majesty’s” space. They daily claimed space on ‘Iolani Palace grounds under a blue tarp. Give me a break. You are a bunch of buffoons. Get the hell away from MY palace.

Now, on 15 ‘Aukake 2008 comes the latest pretender to the throne. Some guy calling himself Akahi Nui. “The king” claims he is descended from Kamehameha I.

“These guys are threatening to go in the palace,” said Kippen de Alba Chu, Executive Director of the Friends of ‘Iolani Palace. “There’s about 25 of them. They’ve got a king and the king wants to sit on the throne.”

For the record, many, many people can trace their lineage to Kamehameha I. Ali’i Nui had many wives and lovers. His descendants could number in the thousands. But that does not entitle ANY of them to march into town declaring that they are the one and only true ruler of the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Sorry, it is just not true. This latest “king” is another buffoon who makes all Hawaiians look stupid.

The REAL Prince Albert, son of Kamehameha III and Queen Emma, died at only 4 years old. Ke Ali’i Pauahi was offered the throne and declined. Ke Ali’i Ka’iulani was offered the throne and declined. When they died, they marked the end of the Kamehameha Line.

The Kalākaua Dynasty was ushered in with the election of Ke Ali’i Lunalilo, the Peoples’ King. Lunalilo lies in rest at the entrance to Kawaiaha’o Church. He was followed by Kalākaua, then Lili’uokalani.

With the passing of Lili’uokalani in 1917, the acknowledged heir to the Kalākaua Dynasty was Prince Jonah Kūhi’o Kalanianʻāole.

The royal line of the Kalākaua Dynasty currently leads to one living person: Ke Ali’i Abigail Kekaulike Kawānanakoa. Princess Kekaulike is the only one who I will readily acknowledge as my Ali’i Nui.

So where do these people get off “claiming” the palace as their own? I suggest that everybody needs to lay off claiming ‘Iolani Palace for themselves.

I would like to see Kamehameha Schools staff, faculty and students; charter schools; ‘Aha Punana Leo; all the Royal Societies; all the Hawaiian Civic Clubs; OHA; DHHL, everybody else march & take Iolani Palace back. 

This is just me wishing out loud, but I would really like to see us take our Palace back. All you ali’i wannabes need to leave ‘Iolani Palace alone.