Playing Hooky

I’m supposed to be doing school work for my bachelor’s degree, writing a research paper. Yeuchh. Instead, here I sit, tapping away at this goofy blog. Do you think it will ever gain traction, gain direction, gain readers? Heck, I don’t even have a central theme yet! And here I sit on a Sunday evening […]

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Blogs

Holy smokes, Auntie Lynn, how do you do it?! I had to write something, quick, lest I slip into a second non-posting day. I started this blog mainly to see what it was like. I’m “Podagee.” I can talk, and write, to the point where people usually have to tell me to shut up already! […]

Should I Buy A Bus?

Alex was amazed to learn that both his mom’s and my first cars were Volkswagen Bugs. I bought a used 1965 bug back in 1969 not too long after I got my driver’s license. I had been working at Burger Boy drive-in in Waimalu for most of the year and had saved most of the […]


Now we get to the hard part of blogging. I started this project just to wrap my brain around the blogger mystique. I wanted to try and figure out what it was that kept bloggers blogging. I wanted to know just how they kept coming up with more and more stuff to write when in […]

Astronomy Domine

Last night I went out to the Dillingham Airfield after dark at the invitation of a friend in the Hawaiian Astronomical Society. When I arrived at the cluster of cars tucked in a corner of the airfield, a short downpour caused the gaggle of amateur astronomers to fling blue tarps over their equipment and dive […]